How to Create Listings Step by Step into Shopify Store

Step by Step: How to Create Listings in Shopify:

1- Add and connect a Shopify channel in StoreAutomator:

Our system pulls the existing store taxonomy and connects with existing products by matching by sku. 

2- Include your products into the new Shopify channel you just created.

You can either include items in bulk or individually. To include an item or multiple ones, go to your Shopify channel, then from the Status dropdown menu, choose the option “Not in channel”. Select the items you want to include in the Shopify channel and click on the three dots menu. Select the “Inclusion Status” option and click on “Include”. You can also include products in bulk,  click here for more information.

3- Create a Shopify template

A Shopify template is a tool that you can use if you need to send customized information to the Shopify store. You can add as many fields as you need in that template and map those custom fields to the corresponding required fields in Shopify. To create a template, go to Settings>Templates, then click on the “Add Template” button on the right upper corner. On the new window, click on the Shopify icon and type a name for the template and click on the “Create” button. Please note that listings will be created even if you leave this template empty. However, using templates would be useful if you need to send special information to Shopify.


There are different ways of building templates with a combination of data fields and business rules. 

Here are some examples of when you might to use a Shopify template:

  • To send custom fields from SA as tags to Shopify:


  • To send “Compare at” price to Shopify. To show a sale price in your online store your product details need to include both the sale price and the ”compare at” price, which will usually be the same as the original price. Click here to learn how to send the “Compare At” price field to Shopify. 

4- Assign template to channel: Go to Channel>Channel Settings> Template and assign the template you created to this channel.


5- You can create description templates and assign them to your Shopify channel only. This will help you to diversify the current product description and help you to add more data without changing your product data.

6- Check the Channel Settings. Go to Channel>Channel settings>Shopify settings and make sure everything is set up correctly. Click here to learn more about Shopify settings.

7- Check the Channel Products and make sure the quantity and price are accurate.

8- Shopify has multiple mapping options. Some of which are local category mapping, Description templates, Option Types, Options, Custom fields, Tax, and Carriers. In order for the product to be created, the recommended mappings which may be different for each account need to be done.

9- Sync the channel. Click on the sync button located on the right side of the channel name.

10- Check your Shopify store and make sure products are successfully created there.

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