Bulk Inclusion and Exclusion of Products in Specific Channels

You can use a bulk file to include or exclude products from the selected channel. If you are working on multiple products this can be a useful feature to save time.

Here are the steps you need to follow:


1- Go to Inclusion Control>Product Inclusion tab, select the products and click “Export”



2- Download the file from the “Notifications” from the top right.



These are the fields in the file:



You can find the SKUs under the channelinclusion.sku column. Please remember that channel id in the channelinclusion column is the key aspect for product inclusion or exclusion for the selected channel.

You can add different SKUs you want to exclude or include to the selected channel under this column.

For the “inclusion” column: Valid Values are “Included, Excluded, Include, Exclude, default”.


· If the inclusion cell is empty, it will be set to default.

· You can delete the column original_name and original_channel_name columns before uploading the file.


3- After the configurations, you can upload the file back into SA from the top right.


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