How to add additonal quantity on hand for products with bulk import

Sometimes you may need to add a specific quantity to a SKU quantity on hand for example if you are uncertain about the existing warehouse quantity but want to ensure product availability to avoid underselling. This feature will allow you to add a specific quantity to the existing quantity on hand. E.g. if there were 100 on hand and you want to add 15 then by using this feature, the new quantity on hand will be 115. 

You need to prepare an import file for the related action by entering specific header names to address the adjusted data to StoreAutomator. After that, you can simply upload the file back into the SA. Quantities of the selected SKUs will be adjusted or replaced depending on the update mode you have used.

  •         If you want to use SKUs to update the quantities, the first column name needs to be “UpdateQuantity.sku”; in that exact format.

These are the columns that needs to be in the import file template:


  •         UpdateQuantity.sku column: Enter the SKUs to add the quantities.
  •         quantity column: Enter the additional quantity value that you want to add to the current quantity of the product.
  •         update_mode column: You need to enter the valid value “adjust” in order to add additional quantity.



  •         You can use the “update mode” column to select what we do with the new quantity. In addition to “adjust”, which we have explained above, you can also use “replace” instead of using adjust value. If you use replace mode, your product quantity will be changed permanently by the new quantity number.
  •         If you’ve added the update_mode column and sent it without a value inside, SA use the replace action by default.

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