Multi Channel Alias and Alt SKU Bulk Import File

You can import newly created Aliases and Alt SKUs to the SA inventory with the help of bulk action files.

StoreAutomator has the ability to import and execute bulk action files prepared to perform a specific purpose. You can import newly created Aliases and Alt SKUs to the SA system with the help of bulk action files.

Provide all column names in English for proper addressing of your feed. Store Automator accepts .xlsx, .csv, .txt, .zip file formats. The file size should not exceed 20MB. Below is a list of Fields for the system to process your data at a minimum level.

The 1st cell of the 1st column must have the following text: MultichannelAlias.sku

Following column headers can be one of the field names (except SKU) listed below. Other Fields can be in any sequence.








Required. Master SKU to be copied as alias or alternate SKU.


Channel name

Required, the channel of the alias/alt SKU being created.


Operation mode

Required. Values can be:

none, clone, alias, altsku, alternate_sku


New Alias or Alternate SKU to be created in the channel



New Alias Parent SKU

If new aliases or Alt SKUs need to be put under a parent SKU


Inclusion status of the newly created alias or alternate SKU in the channel.

Values: Yes, no, included, excluded, default, empty cell assigns default.


Yes/True switches is_FBA to Disabled

NO/False Switches is_FBA to Enabled

Values: Yes, no, true, false


Not required.


Yes/True Switches FastListingEnabled to enabled

NO/False Switches to disabled

Values: Yes, no, true, false


Not required.


ASIN override value for items

Not required.


Switch allows Item-based product updates.

Values: Yes, no, true, false


These Fields are needed to import Alias&Alternate SKUs to the StoreAutomator system. Please refer to Alias and Alt SKUs document for more information. Not required fields, if provided will update their relevant fields of these products.

Click here to download the import file.

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