How to Set List Type Metafields in Shopify Template

The list-type metafield is [insert] and are frequently used to [insert]. The list type metafield can be a product or a variant metafield. These need to be set because [insert]. If you do not set the list-type then [insert].

If you have a product metafield, which means it gets its data from the parent item, you can add that field to your Shopify template by following the steps below:

  1. Start by clicking the Edit button of your Shopify channel and then click “+Add field”
  2. Scroll down to the end of the list to locate the metafield target field
  3. Copy the name, space and key of your metafield from your Shopify account and paste it on the empty field of the metafield you’re adding. Follow that up with a colon (:) and then the metafield type which is “list.single_line_text_field”. 

To locate the name space and key of the metafield, go to Custom Data in your Shopify account and click on Product to access StoreAutomator (SA) metafields then locate the metafield you want to add in the SA template.

Below is an example of how add a color-range metafield to the Shopify template:

  1. Click “Add” and then “Ok” to add the field. 
  2. Edit the field to map it to the custom field of your choice and save your template. 

If the metafield is a Variants metafield, as shown in the image below then you need to manually add the metafield to the template. 


Click “Add Field” and click on “Continue with a manual target field”. On the Shopify Target Field text field, type “Variant.Product.Metafield.” and then follow step 3 above to complete the adding your field. 

And finally you need to select the checkboxes of “Skip Empty” and “Repeat” under the Advanced tab. Click “Ok” and then “Save & Close” to save your changes.

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