How to Refund Shopify Orders on StoreAutomator

You can refund your Shopify orders through StoreAutomator. After selecting your Shopify channel and finding the related order to refund from the “Orders'' tab, refund the order by entering the product(’s) price, tax information, refund reason and any feedback provided by your customer.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1- Select the Shopify channel, go to “Orders>Sales Order”.

2- Search using the order id. When you have identified the correct order, go to the order details by clicking the order.

3 - Click the three dot icon from the right end of the order detail page and select: Refund.

4 - In the box that opens:

  • Enter the product’s price and cost.
  • Enter the refund reason and the feedback.
  • Click “Refund Order”.

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