How to Send Variants as Single to Shopify

In StoreAutomator, products created as variants can be sent as single products to Shopify. This functionality is only available for Shopify and in the Shopify channel parent sku level. 

To do this:

  • Navigate to Shopify>Channel>Channel Products
  • Find the parent sku and its variations that need to be sent as a single.
  • Click edit on parent sku
  • Turn on the switch “Create Variations As Singles

  • Select that parent sku and its variations
  • Send a full product data update and click sync. (All updates - product data, quantity, and price - must be enabled) 
  • If you want to send only certain variant products as single items, only those products’ updates must be enabled and selected along with parent sku, and the variant products’ data updates must be disabled.

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