How to Send "Compare at" Price Field to Shopify

To show a sale price in your online store, your product details needs to include both the sale price and original price, called the ”compare at” price. The “Compare at” price field is the field used to take the discount off and therefore show the reduced price. e.g. If the “Compare At” price is $10 and you specify a discount of 20% then the sale price would be $8.  You can add a discount for your listings on Shopify by adding this field into the Shopify template on StoreAutomator. It is a good idea to map this field to the MSRPs. You can also map this field to a custom field that contains related prices for your products.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The value in ”compare at” price field must be higher than the value in Price.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1- Find and click edit to your Shopify template from “Settings>Templates”.


2- Click “Add Field” button.


3- Find and click “variant.compare_at_price”.


4- Map the target field to the “Msrp” source field or the related custom field.


5- Save the template.

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