Connect a Shopify Store

Connect your Shopify store to StoreAutomator

Now you have created a Shopify channel now it is time to connect your Shopify store to StoreAutomator.

1. Click “All Channels” on the left-hand corner of the main dashboard

2. Select your Shopify Store Channel

3. Go to your Shopify Store Channel settings

4. Click API Connection

5. If you didn't give permission to StoreAutomator when creating your Shopify channel, you need to give permission to StoreAutomator to do so click on the text “Give Permissions to StoreAutomator”. This will direct you to your Shopify Store to your "My apps" page.

6. On this page click on the button "Install Unlisted App" and confirm the install.

7. When you are done with the installation, switch back to StoreAutomator and the page will show that the Status as "Access Granted" to your Shopify Store.

8. Please select your Inventory location and click on Save.

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