Store Automator's Syspro Integration for Orders, Tracking and Inventory Updates

StoreAutomator offers a seamless integration for managing your Syspro orders and inventory updates through SFTP. This guide outlines the steps to push your channel’s orders to your Syspro ERP system and set up inventory synchronization.


To start pushing your channel’s orders to your Syspro ERP system, please follow the steps below:

  • Add a Syspro DX channel: Log in to your SA account. Navigate to Tools>DX Channels on the left side main menu. Click “Add DX Channel” located on the upper right corner of the screen. Select the Syspro icon and click “+Create”.

To set up the DX Channel, click on the settings icon of the Syspro DX channel and select “API Connection”. Fill in the required field like the example below and click “Save”.

Select “Data Exchange” which is the first option of the DX channel settings. Turn on the “Sync Enabled” switch to start the order and inventory flow. Turn on the “Enable Daily Schedule” switch and select how often you want to receive the Tracking information.

  • Enable Order Forwarding. To do this, go to the channel you need to forward its orders to Syspro e.g. Amazon and click on: Channel>Channel settings>Common>Order Forwarding tab. Enable the switch for order forwarding and select the SFTP site name and click “Save”.

Your orders will start flowing to your SFTP site in the schedule you assigned in your DX channel setup in the first step. 

By setting up this DX channel, StorAutomator will also start receiving Tracking information and Inventory updates from the SFTP site once you Enable the Sync switch of the DX channel.

Please note that StoreAutomator can provide you with an SFTP site if you do not have one.

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