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Integrating StoreAutomator with Essendant DX Channel via FTP/SFTP

StoreAutomator has a function to send EDI files to the DX channel via an FTP connection to your Essendant account. To seamlessly integrate StoreAutomator with the Essendant DX channel for efficient order management and tracking, follow these steps:

1. Create FTP/SFTP Connections: First, navigate to Settings and create the necessary FTP/SFTP connections. Detailed guidance is available in the Setting Up FTP/S3/SFTP Connections section for more information.

2. Add the DX Channel: Access Tools > DX Channel, click on the “+Add DX Channel” button at the top right corner, and select Essendant to initiate the DX Channel creation.

3. Configure API Connection: In the DX Channels section, locate the Essendant channel, click on the gear icon, then select API Connection. Here, choose your FTP/SFTP connection and enter details in the following fields:


    • Order Export Folder
    • Tracking Import Folder
    • Partner ID
    • Account ID
    • After inputting the required information, click “Save” to proceed.


  • From the gear icon, click on the Data Exchange setting. After the API connection is completed, the Enable Sync switch will be available to enable the sync. Also, you can enable the daily schedule by enabling the switch and can set the hours for importing tracking information.

  • At the end, you need to hit the “Save” button and it will be all set.
  • Enable Order Forwarding: To do this, go to the channel you need to forward its orders to Essendant  e.g. Amazon and click on: Channel>Channel settings>Common>Order Forwarding tab. Enable the switch for order forwarding and select the SFTP site name and click “Save”.
  • Your orders will start forwarding to your SFTP site in the schedule you assigned in your DX channel setup in the first step. 
  • By setting up this DX channel, StoreAutomator will also start receiving Tracking information and Inventory updates from the SFTP site once you Enable the Sync switch of the DX channel.

Please note that StoreAutomator can provide you with an SFTP site if you do not have one.

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