Store Automator's Exenta Integration for Orders, Tracking and Inventory Sync

StoreAutomator’s Exenta Integration

You can use StoreAutomator to manage your Exenta orders and inventory updates through SFTP. 

To start pushing your channel’s orders to your Exenta ERP system, please follow the steps below:

  1. Add an order export DX channel
  2. Add an order export template and add all the fields you need to send to your Exenta system. See example below.

  1. Enable Order Forwarding. To do this, go to the channel you need to forward its orders to Exenta e.g. Amazon and click on: Channel>Channel settings>Common>Order Forwarding tab. Enable the switch for order forwarding and select the SFTP site name and click save.

Your orders will start flowing to your SFTP site in the schedule you assigned in your DX channel setup in the first step. 

To start receiving tracking information from your Exenta, you need to add a tracking template that has the fields you need to push from Exenta to StoreAutomator. Go to Settings>Templates>Add Template and select the Generic Input template. From the drop-down menu, choose “Import Tracking Flat” and click +Create. 

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See example template below with the mapped fields:

A screenshot of a software

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After creating the template, you need to assign it to your Order Export DX channel. To do that go to Tools>DX Channels> click on the settings icon of your order export dx channel and click on Template. Select your tracking template you just created under the “Choose your tracking Import Template” menu and click Save. 

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Creating an Order Tracking Template in StoreAutomator

To start updating your inventory in StoreAutomator through your SFTP site, you will need to follow the below steps:

  1. Add an Inventory Input DX Channel. 
  2. Add a template that has the needed fields to update your quantities. Go to Setting>Template>Add Template and select Generic Input template and choose “Inventory:UpdateQuantity” option from the menu. Give a name to your template and click +Create.

Please note that StoreAutomator can provide you with an SFTP site if you do not have one.

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