Creating Different Shopify/Amazon Descriptions

How to create a different Shopify product description to your Amazon listing description.

You can set different description templates for your Shopify while using a description that already exists on other channels. You can assign your description templates to the Shopify only. This will help you to diversify the current product description and help you to add more data without changing your product data.

You can use the field selector to help to write different descriptions. The Field Selector can be used to select and insert any predefined Dynamic fields from your inventory database. Click on the “Field Selector” textbox to use the Autofill feature, then the system will provide a long list of predefined fields to match with the target field.


For example, if you want to add brand name or price into your description, you can use Field Selector to modify your description. 


You can add bulletpoints, search terms or target audience to the template.


 You can also add various custom fields anywhere in the description such as fabric type, size and color.


 Adding videos and images is also an option for your Shopify description.



After you complete the configurations, you use the template preview to see how the template will look when on Shopify or any other channel that you choose.


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