How to Use Condition Mapping on Amazon with the Fast Listing

When selling products with different condition types on Amazon, you can use condition mapping in your channel settings to streamline the process. This feature allows you to create offers for the same ASIN under various condition types, such as "Used - Like New" or "Collectible - New," for your refurbished products. Condition mapping is specific to the Amazon channel, so changes will not affect your other sales channels.

To use Condition Mapping, please follow these steps 

  1. Access Condition Mapping:
  • Select your Amazon channel.
  • Navigate to Channel Settings > Common > Condition Mapping.

  1. Map Condition Types:
  • In the Condition Mapping section, use the dropdown menus to map the default condition type values from StoreAutomator to valid Amazon condition values.
  • For example, if you use "Refurbished" at the inventory level, you can map this to the Amazon condition type "Used - Like New."


  1. Save Your Settings:
  • After mapping the condition types, click the save button to apply your settings.
  1. Fast List Your Products:
  • Choose the product you want to list quickly.
  • Enable the fast listing option.
  • Sync the channel to apply the changes.


Additional Resources

For more detailed instructions on fast listing and managing condition types in StoreAutomator, refer to the articles below:

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By following these steps, you can efficiently manage product conditions on Amazon, ensuring accurate listings and maximizing your sales potential.

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