Using Product ID Exemption on Amazon, Walmart and eBay

You can easily send empty product id to channels like Amazon, Walmart and eBay with this new feature of Store Automator. 

To use this feature, you just need to get a product id exemption from related channels. Therefore, you need to communicate with related channels to get an exemption first. After you get the product id exemption, you are ready to go.

Please remember that these changings effect on channel level, so be sure you are on the correct channel.


You need to have a brand, manufacturer and model number (part number) to use the exemption successfully. You can send empty product id by editing manually, bulk editor or bulk import on StoreAutomator. If you will apply this feature for your older products, you need to enter “SKU Override” and “Product Name Override” too. Because, Amazon checks descriptions and titles of your products and this can cause a problem. But, if you are doing this action for new products, you have nothing to worry about.

To do this process, follow the steps below.

Via Bulk Editor

1- Select your products and go to “Bulk Edit>Channel Overrides”.


2- Find the “Product ID Override” from the “Identity” section or search it.


3- You must input “_EMPTY_” to the empty boxes and click to “Save&Close”.


4- Select your products again, send force product data updates and sync the channel.



Via Bulk Import

1- Select all of your products and go to “Export>Export Overrides>Custom Overrides”.


2- Write “Product” to the search box or find “Product ID” from the “Identity” section.


3- Download the file from “Notifications” and open it in excel.


4- Find the “Product ID” column and write “_EMPTY_”. You can delete all other columns except “SKU” and “Product ID” columns. 


5- Upload the file back into the StoreAutomator. 


6- Send force product updates to the related products and sync the channel.



You can do the same actions for your Walmart channel. However, if you want an exemption from Walmart, you need to get a category exemption too. 


You can send “Does Not Apply” for Product ID to the eBay channel instead of “_EMPTY_” as a product id. Same directions are valid for eBay too.

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