Amazon Processing Report

What is a Processing Report?

If you encounter issues with your Amazon listings, there are steps you can take to investigate and resolve  them. 

To start, you should inspect and address the errors listed in the helpful "Errors" tab in StoreAutomator. In addition to the errors shown in this section, Amazon provides a Processing Report. If you cannot identify or resolve all of the errors and still face challenges with some of your products not being accepted by Amazon, it's crucial to examine the processing report. A processing report is generated for each batch of products sent to your Amazon seller account by Store Automator. To address these errors, you can refer to our articles on Store Automator Knowledge Base for troubleshooting common errors or refer to Amazon's comprehensive overview of common errors. If the errors you observe in the "Errors" tab are not covered in the common errors, or if they lack specificity, you can obtain the Processing Report from your Amazon account.


Where Can I Find the Processing Reports?

To access the processing reports, follow these steps in your Amazon seller account: navigate to Inventory > Add products via upload > Spreadsheet Upload Status. You can obtain the processing report by clicking on "Download your Processing Report."

How Can I Utilize the Processing Report?

To make the most of the processing report, you can import it into Excel. This will present you with multiple columns containing information about the errors affecting your products and which products have been impacted. For more guidance on resolving these errors, you can consult our article on Knowledge Base or refer to Amazon's comprehensive overview of common errors. If you have any questions during the process or afterwards, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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