How to set different conditions of the item in Store Automator

Store Automator allows you to assign conditions to your products at the inventory level.

Condition types are as follows:

  • New
  • Used
  • Refurbished
  • Not Used
  • Collectible
  • Club
  • Used - Like New
  • Used - Very Good
  • Used - Good
  • Used - Acceptable
  • Collectible - Like New
  • Collectible - Very Good
  • Collectible - Good
  • Collectible - Acceptable

Follow the steps below


  1. Go to “Inventory”
  2. Select “Products” under inventory
  3. Choose a single or child item which you want to assign a condition and click “Edit” button


  1. Go to “General” tab
  2. Select “Identity”
  3. Select the condition from drop down list which you want to assign
  4. Remember to click “Save & Close” to save the changes.

How can I assign conditions to more than one product? ( Bulk Action )


  1. Mark the products which you want to assing a condition
  2. Click “Export” button
  3. Select “Custom” from drop down menu

You will receive a pop-up window shared in the picture below.


  1. Call “Condition” in order to use search bar
  2. Click on “Condition”
  3. Click “Export” and your csv file will be downloadable in the Notification panel

After you download and open the csv file on your computer, your SKUs that have not been assigned any value will appear as "new". If you want to assign a condition with bulk action over csv file, please write the value you want to assign under the condition column as indicated below.

  • new
  • used
  • refurbished
  • not-used
  • collectible
  • club
  • used-like-new
  • used-very-good
  • used-good
  • used-acceptable
  • collectible-like-new
  • collectible-very-good
  • collectible-good
  • collectible-acceptable
  • collectible-acceptable


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