Fast Listing (Inventory Loader) on Amazon

Selling some common products? No problem, you can fast list and start selling your items on Amazon in a matter of minutes!

Key Points

Fastlisting connects to products which are already in the Amazon catalog.

SA connects to the this listing and only sends your quantity and price

Once the connection is done, your store will be listed as one of the available stores.

Fast listing available for Amazon and Newegg platforms.

How it works

When configured correctly faslisting performs connecting to existing products, and helps you to start selling in a couple minutes. StoreAutomator can connect to existing products via two attributes:

  • Product’s UPC or EAN code (for both Amazon and Newegg),

  • ASIN number (for Amazon only)

Once you have one of these product identifiers in place, the fast listing switch must be enabled.

How to setup Fastlisting on Amazon

  1. Select Amazon channel as your active channel,

  2. Edit the item in Channel Level by clicking on the edit button,

3. Scroll down to find the fastlisting switch and enable it,

4. Save and close the window.


How to select the correct fast listing mode

For ease of use, StoreAutomator has 3 Fastlising modes: Auto, disabled and Fastlisting(hard).

  • Select the Auto mode, if you are listing products that you are not sure if the product was ever made it to the Amazon Catalog,

  • Select Fast Listing(Hard) mode, if you are listing products existing in the Amazon Catalog,

  • Do not use fast listing, and make sure to select Disabled, if you are listing your own products.

Functionally looking at the modes; the first mode, Auto, tries to fastlist the product for only once and (1) If the product exists in the Amazon catalog, then it does not send product data and use the amazon catalog product data and pulls the Fast Listing status from "Auto" to "Fast listing"; and (2) if the product does not exist in Amazon catalog, Storeautomator sends product data it has to Amazon and pulls Fast Listing status from "Auto" to fast listing "Disabled".

  • Fastlist hard, tries to fastlist the product no matter what, and does not send product data,

  • Fastlist Soft: After the fastlist Auto function tries once and succeeds, this is the end Status.

  • Fastlist Disabled: After the fastlist Auto function tries once and fails, this is the end Status.

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