How to Define Hazmat or Hazardous Materials for Amazon in StoreAutomator

Marketplaces like Amazon have specific requirements for labeling products that contain hazardous materials. If you are using FBA, it's crucial to comply with Amazon's product safety compliance guidelines, as failure to do so can lead to the suspension of your sales.


Even if your products are not hazardous to meet marketplace guidelines, it is still necessary to declare the hazardous levels of each product to meet marketplace guidelines. This helps prevent errors related to hazardous materials, such as the "supplier_declared_dg_hz_regulation" error, and ensures that your products are accurately categorized.


By properly defining the hazmat level of your products in StoreAutomator, you can effectively manage and maintain compliance with marketplace regulations. This enables you to take control of your product listings and provide accurate information to customers and marketplaces.


To learn how to add such fields to your template, refer to the article shared below.


Amazon Listing Error: Batteries_Required and Supplier_Declared_dg_hz_Regulatory Errors

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