When You Should Use Fast Listing Feature (Inventory Loader) on Amazon

Instead of sending all product data, which can create listing errors if Amazon doesn’t accept your feed, StoreAutomator sends SKU, Product Id, Title, Condition, Quantity and Price by using Fast Listing (Inventory Loader). 

However, you need to consider using this feature only in certain situations.

When should you use this feature?

  • When selling on an ASIN that has already offers from different sellers and from other brands on Amazon.
  • When you do not have complete product data of the related product in StoreAutomator but you still want to continue to sell on Amazon by connecting the ASIN.
  • When you have completed the product data in StoreAutomator that differs from the data on Amazon, but you still want to sell on that ASIN. 

When should you not use this feature?

  • If you have complete control over the ASIN on Amazon which means that if you are a brand owner, you don’t need to use Fast Listing (Inventory Loader). Because using Fast Listing (Inventory Loader) in this situation will prevent StoreAutomator from sending the full product data information to Amazon, which is something Amazon requires if you have complete control over the ASIN. 
  • If this is the case, you should delete and recreate this product with full product data on Amazon.

You can refer to the article below to get detailed information about deleting and recreating a product and Fast Listing feature (Inventory Loader).

Include/Exclude Products on a Specific Channel

Fast Listing (Inventory Loader) on Amazon

To get more details about inventory loader, refer to the link below.


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