How to Create an Order Export Template in StoreAutomator

Creating an order export template in StoreAutomator (SA) is an essential step to efficiently export orders to your remote system. This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring that your order data is correctly mapped and transferred.

The first step will be to ensure that you have created an Order Export Data Exchange channel (DX channel) in SA to export orders to your remote system and you can use this guide to help with that. The next step is to create an order export template by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings> Templates and click “Add Template”.

  1. Select the “Order Export” template and click “+Create”

  1. Type a name for your template and click “+Create”

  1. Click “Edit” and then “Add Field” to start adding your template fields.
  2. You can add as many fields as you need as long as the field exists in your remote system. For instance, if you’re using Exenta as your remote system, it is important to obtain their up to date list of order export fields so you can map them within StoreAutomator. Take, for example, a field labeled “ShipTo” for the shipping address in your remote system. You should replicate this field name precisely as it appears in Exenta and then transfer it into the corresponding field in StoreAutomator, as demonstrated in the example below.

  1. For each field, map it to the corresponding field in SA. Click the source field, select “Order”, find the required field (e.g. “ShippingAddress”), and click “Ok”.
  2. Repeat step #6 to add the rest of your fields and click “Save and Close”.

Note: Order field has properties applicable to the whole order, Line field has properties applicable to each line element, and Line.Product field has all product element fields in StoreAutomator, for example a custom field called color in the example below. So it is possible to send a product property such as color, size, or age, while sending the order to your server. Please refer to this article for product type fields.

After you added all of your fields to the template, you need to assign that template to your channel. Go to your order export DX channel under Tools>DX Channels and click on the settings icon. Select “Template” and choose the template you just created in the “Choose Order Export Template” field. 

The example below shows an assigned template named “Order Export” and click “Save”.

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