Working with Multiple Orders: Multiple Exact Search

If you are working with multiple orders, you can display them on the interface by using StoreAutomator’s Multiple Exact Search feature. You can use this feature to display multiple orders using one of the “Source Order Id”, “Order ID”, “Reference Order Number” or "SKU" fields. This filter is also available for all order tabs except “Financial” and “Reserved”.

As an example, let’s say you want to call the order ids from your file, and they are unshipped status on StoreAutomator.

1- After selecting the relevant “Unshipped” tab (FBM or FBA/WFS), click the filter icon, which is located at the right of the search bar - as indicated below.

2- Paste your order IDs and click search.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can input multiple orders with a maximum of 1500 character.

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