Sending Orders to Your FTP Server at a Scheduled Times Using Crontab

Sending order to your server at scheduled times     

StoreAutomator downloads orders from remote channels such as Amazon, Walmart etc and allows you to automatically send them to your server using FTP or SFTP protocol - provided an order export channel has been set up and enabled. 

By default, we will send these every 15 minutes. If this is too frequent then you can set up your own schedule and set this to any frequency you wish using our crontab function.

To start this process, you need to create an Order Export channel (located at Tools>Dx Channels, add an Order Export channel) and add an Order Export template to your new Order Export channel. Check our this article for detailed steps on how to do that. 

The next step is to set up your preferred schedule for order forwarding. Navigate to your Channel > Channel Settings > Common > Order Forwarding tab and turn on the Enable Order Forwarding switch and then select your order receivers. If you do not see the enabling switch, this is due to your current user level being too low, please contact your StoreAutomator internal account owner/administrator either to turn on the Order Forwarding Switch for you or to grant you a higher access level, which permits you to turn on this switch.

Use the Order Forward Custom Schedule textbox, to set up an order sending schedule to your server. This text box uses crontab syntax to set up your order forwarding schedule.

Basically, there are five fields to program a cron job: minutes, hours, days of month, months, and days of the week. As an example, entering */20 as the first parameter alone initiates the job at every 20 minutes. Entering it to the second parameter alone will run it every 20 hours and to the forth parameter alone, it will run on the 20th day of every month. 

You can visit website to help you write your schedule using crontab syntax -  you can enter numbers to parameters and read the interpretation of the command.

When you are happy with the schedule just copy the text and paste it to the Order Forward Custom Schedule text box and click Save.

If you would like to revert to the default order sending schedule, which is sending the order to your server within 5-15 minutes of receipt, just delete all syntax from this text box and save.

The example below is for a schedule of 6 hours i.e. 4 times a day at the following times: 12am, 6am, 12pm, and 6pm. Cron job’s default time zone is UTC, which is Greenwich Mean Time (+0 time zone).


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