How to Redownload Orders for a Specific Timeslot from Channels in StoreAutomator

If you need to redownload orders for a specific timeslot, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Channels page in StoreAutomator.

  1. Click on the "Maintenance" button for the channel that you want to redownload orders

  1. The Channel Maintenance page will open. Go to the "Order" tab.

  1. In the "Set Last Order Download Date" section, choose the start date and time for the orders you want to redownload.

  1. Selecting a date and time here means that StoreAutomator will retrieve orders from this specified time until the current date.

  1. Below the "Check For Orders" section, find the "Check Orders Now" button. Clicking this button initiates the process.

  1. After the process is completed, StoreAutomator will send a notification indicating whether any orders were downloaded.

By following these steps, StoreAutomator will use its API to request and download any orders from the channel that haven't been downloaded to StoreAutomator since the specified start date and time.

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