How to Use "Begins With," "Ends With," and "Contains" Functions When Searching SKUs in StoreAutomator Order Table

The "Begins With," "Ends With," and "Contains" functions are used only when searching SKUs in StoreAutomator’s Order Table. 

  1. “Begins With” Function

To utilize the “Begins With" function, simply add an asterisk (*) at the end of the text you want to search and make sure to search “In” Sku - as shown in the image below.

For example, let's assume we have three SKUs: Test-1, Test001, and Test002. If you typed: Test* in the search box (in Sku + All Channels), StoreAutomator will list all orders related to SKUs that begin with "Test"

  1. “Ends With” Function

To use the "Ends With" function, you need to place an asterisk (*) symbol at the beginning of the term you would like to search. For example, if we have three SKUs: 10110464-CH, 1017188-CH, and 1017202-CH, typing *CH in the search box will display all orders containing SKUs that end with "CH”.

  1. “Contains” Function

You can also use this function to search for values that are within the SKU name. Let's consider SKUs: abc123abc, asd123asd, and klm123klm. If you input:  *123* to the search bar, StoreAutomator will show all orders with SKUs that contain "123" within their names.

In summary, the "Begins With," "Ends With," and "Contains" functions provide flexible and efficient ways to search for specific SKUs in the StoreAutomator Order SKU table, making it easier to manage your orders.

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