How to Use Image Prefixes in XML Templates for Amazon

Sometimes you may prefer to use different images for different sales scenarios on Amazon. In StoreAutomator, you can define image prefix rules or send different custom fields for all Amazon images by mapping the image fields from the template. By using image prefixes, you can send images in different rotations like sending image 3 as main image e.g. These options only apply for XML templates. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1- Go to “Settings>Template”, find and edit the Amazon template.

2- Click “Add Field”, then click “Continue with a manual target field”

3- Start adding image fields by entering target fields. The complete list of valid Amazon target field names for images are:

·         For Main Image: “Image.Main”

·         For Secondary Image: “Image.PT1”

·         For Third Image: “Image.PT2”

·         For Fourth Image: “Image.PT3”

·         For Fıfth Image: “Image.PT4”

·         For Sixth Image: “Image.PT5”

·         For Seventh Image: “Image.PT6”

·         For Swatch Image: “Image.Swatch”

If you want to define a rule with custom fields, select “Manual” from the “Source Fields”. If you want to just use different custom fields, select “Auto” to find and map the custom fields.

To get detailed information about how to define rules, you can check Template Source Fields Advance Settings and Template Functions and Syntax.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All image fields need to be mapped to the template to use these image fields successfully. Therefore, please remember to map them all fields.

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