How to Solve Amazon Error Code 90057

Error 90057

The item_volume_unit_of_measure field contains an invalid value: N/A. To correct this error, choose from the valid set of values.



Example: "item_volume_unit_of_measure" is an invalid value. Select a valid value from the list to fix this mistake.

To fix the problem,

Download the submitted template, then look at the "Feed Processing Summary" sheet to see which properties were changed.

The affected attribute will be marked in orange in the template.

Change the specified invalid value with one from the selection and replace the original value.In the Store Automator, you can change the value in the channel template and send it to Amazon.

  1. Select "Edit Template" for the chosen SKU under the Channel Products section.
  2. Fill out each required field by checking the box next to "show possible options," as instructed by Amazon.
  3. Choose the relevant product, update the product data on the channel, and synchronize the channel.

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