How to Solve Amazon Error Code 99005

Error 99005

A value is required in the "business_price" field because there are values in dependent fields.: [Message/Price/QuantityPriceType = "percent"]


This error means that one or more required columns in this group have missing values. If at least one attribute in the group has missing values, the remaining values are ignored.

For example, you’ll see an error when a value is missing from one or more required columns in the group: [Unit count (per unit pricing) = "1.00"], [Unit of measure (per unit pricing) = null].


  1. Select "Edit Template" for the chosen SKU under the Channel Products section.
  2. Find the requested data field in the template.
  3. Fill out each required field by checking "show possible options" and finding the values as instructed by Amazon.
  4. Choose the relevant product, update the product data on the channel, and synchronize the channel.

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