How to Solve Amazon Error Code 99036

Error Code 99036

Example: "The "merchant_shipping_group_name" (1) field contains an invalid value."

The input information in the attribute column "merchant_shipping_group_name" that you have entered in the template has invalid values. This attribute is mandatory for the line item and must be selected from the drop-down values given to list your items. Replace the invalid value with one of the valid values in the drop down to list your SKUs.

This error occurs when you delete the shipping template that you previously assigned/overrided to any SKU on StoreAutomator.



1- Click on the Edit button of the SKU that received the error under the Actions tab


2- Go to “Shipping” tab in product editor

3- To fix this error, you can either change the shipping template override switch to inherit and use the migrated template, or you can leave the switch as override and assign any template you previously created on your seller central from the drop down list.

4- Remember to click the "Save&Close" button after making the changes.

5- Send force product data update to the products and click the sync button from the top left corner.



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