How to Solve Amazon Error Code 95021

This error code means that your max or min price is lower or greater than your regular price. To fix this, you need to adjust your max price as Amazon requires. This error code also occurs when you are using invalid business and quantity prices.


  • Review and change the max price or min price fields that you are providing to Amazon. 


  • If you are using custom fields to populate these prices, update the value in the custom fields using the product data editor.



After saving the changes, please send price updates to the channel and sync the channel.



  • If you encounter this issue because of the quantity (volume) prices.

1- Click edit and go to the volume pricing tab and update the quantity prices in an order.


If you are using quantity price type as “Fixed”

Business Price> Quantity Price 1> Quantity Price 2> and so on…

If you are using quantity price type as “Discount Percent”

Business Price> Quantity Price 5> Quantity Price 4> and so on…


2- Select the related product and send price updates to the channel.

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