How To Solve Amazon Error Code 8058

This error code means you are providing invalid data to Amazon. This error code can vary depending on the missing field or invalid typing of possible options for that field. It is also possible that the previous feed contains the valid data which Amazon accepts, and you are providing invalid or missing data with the next product data update feed.


Amazon provides the specific field or fields  that have caused this error and so you should check your data and compare it to the value you are providing to Amazon and ensure that you are providing valid values. Sometimes this error is as simple as changing the case - valid values for certain fields are case sensitive both in xml and flat file templates.

1- You can check your troubled SKUs data by clicking “Preview Template” from the three-dot icon.


2- Click “Edit” from the top right of the template screen.


Then you can analyze your data and see the possible options, if any.


You can also check the dimensions fields. Amazon sometimes wants you to provide these. If you have provided a dimension field without selecting a unit of measure e.g. feet, centimeters, millimeters etc, this can cause you to receive this error code.


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