How to Continue Selling When Out of Stock on Shopify Through StoreAutomator

On Shopify, a product is considered out of stock when the inventory level is at zero or below. When you sell out of a quantity of an item, by default, Shopify won't allow customers to purchase that item until you add more stock. You can change the default to allow customers to buy out-of-stock items through SA.

Let’s look closer to see how to do this!

First, create a drop down list custom field. Refer the following article if you don't know how to do this: How to Create a Custom Field

In this example, we created a custom field named "shopify-continue-selling" and added 2 options and gave the values "continue" and "deny". You should also give the same values to the custom field you create and should use lowercase letters. You will need this later.

1. Find your Shopify template


  • Go Settings
  • Click on Templates and find Shopify template
  • Click on “Edit” button

2. Click on “Add Field” button on Template Editor


3. Select Target Field


4. Assign a Source field


Assign the custom field you created at the beginning as the Source field and click on “Advanced” > mark “Skip Empty” > Click “Ok” button.


Our Template and Custom Field are ready for us to continue selling out of stock products on Shopify. After this stage, we need to assign the value "continue" to the custom field we created for the products we want to sell, although they are out of stock.


  1. Go Inventory
  2. Select Products
  3. Search the product which you want to continue selling when out of stock
  4. Click on “Edit” button of the product

After clicking on Edit button, Product editor will appear.


  1. Go to Custom Fields
  2. Search for the custom field which you created at the beginning
  3. Select “continue” from drop down list
  4. Save the changes

This process is only valid for the product you edited and will not be closed for sale even if it is out of stock.

P.S.The default option value is "deny"; if you want to remove any product from sale when it is out of stock, you do not need to select "deny" for that SKU. 

You can manage SKU by SKU as above, or assign a "continue" value to more than one SKU using the bulk shared in the image below.


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