How to Check for Amazon Errors and Resolve Them

Sometimes when you try to create products for publishing on Amazon these fail with an error code - usually because they don’t meet the criteria Amazon has set. Let's see how to best manage these error codes on StoreAutomator.

How do you know if a product has received an error code?


If the 4th of the green boxes in the status column you are trying to publish is red, it means that the product has received an error.

Please check the image below to learn more about each stage in our status legend.


How can I see the error definition page of the product that received an error?

To view the Error definition page, simply click the 4th red button.


Clicking on the red button will take you to this page showing the relevant information.


How to filter all products with an existing error message?

You can see all the products with an error on this page: Channel/Channel Products:


After selecting "Errors" in the Status filter box, a new filter named “Filter by Code” will appear. With this filter, you can filter errors by a specific error code as shown in the image below.


How to export all errors to a bulk file?

Follow the steps below to export errors to a bulk file.


  1. Select “Errors” by using Status filter
  2. Select All
  3. Click on “Select all matching items”
  4. Click on “Export” button


       5. Select “Export Errors” from the drop down list.

       6. You will receive a notification.. Click on “here” button on notification panel to download the error file.


Details of your errors will be listed under the following headings.


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