How to download Amazon reports and send to S3

This article explains how to download Amazon reports from StoreAutomator and send Amazon reports to AWS S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service)

StoreAutomator allows users to download Amazon reports through its platform. The users can download Amazon reports from our UI and locate these reports on AWS S3. 

To setup AWS S3 connection, follow the steps below.

1-Go to Navigation Panel > Settings > Connections

2-Click add the Connection

3- Enter a connection name and select connection type as S3

4-Enter the access key, secret key, Aws region and S3 URL.

5-Click to create.


Now, S3 connection is defined in StoreAutomator.

To send Amazon reports to S3, we need create to DX channel report in StoreAutomator.

To setup the DX report channel follow the steps below.


1-Go to Navigation Panel >Tools > DX Channels

2-Click to create a channel.

3-Select the Channel report and click to create from the pop up page.

4-Enter the channel report name and click to create


5-Click to Gear button 


6-Click to data exchange to set daily schedule feed time


7- Enable Daliy Schedule switch and set the time.

8-Click to report settings from the gear button. 


9-Select target channel where the report will be downloaded from.

10-Enter the exact report type name which can be found under the report section of StoreAutomator.

11-Set the ā€œ1dā€(1 day) as a report period 

12-Click to connection settings from the gear button

13-Select predefined S3 connection which has already setup under the connection settings

14-Enter the target directory where the StoreAutomator put reports in S3 files.


The StoreAutomator will locate your Amazon reports into your S3 file server.

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