How to Include the New Alternate Skus into the Amazon Channel

Any alternate SKUs you create for Amazon will not automatically be included in your Amazon channel until you include them. by You can include them by using either our bulk action function or using StoreAutomator UI/web page. If you have created multiple alternate SKUs then a bulk file is the easiest method but you can also include them from the UI if you prefer.

If you are using UI:

1- Select your Amazon channel and search the related alternate SKU in the “Not in Channel” status filter.


2- Click the second status box to include the alternate SKU into the channel.


If you want to use bulk file:

1- After selecting the related Amazon channel, go to “Channel>Channel Inclusions>Product Inclusion Control” and export one of the products in the Amazon channel.


2- Download the file from the “Notifications” from the top right of the screen.


3- After opening the file, copy the alternate SKUs into the “XXX.channelinclusions.sku” column and change the valid value as “Included” on the “inclusion” column for each alternate SKU.


4- Upload the file back into the StoreAutomator.


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