How to solve Amazon Error Code 90202: There is a restriction in effect at the item level error on Amazon

This error may occur when:

 You are listing an existing ASIN that Amazon has restricted sellers from selling on this ASIN with certain product conditions. For example, if Amazon is only allowing to list on the ASIN for used condition products but the products you are trying to list is a brand-new condition item. This situation may occur if you are not the brand owner of the ASIN you are trying to list.


To solve this problem:


  •          Kindly ensure that the SKU you are listing has a condition that is allowed for the ASIN and product type. You can check the allowed conditions for a specific ASIN by searching the ASIN in Amazon's ”List A New Product” tool and viewing the listing limitations from the Amazon Seller Central.



  •         To determine what conditions are permitted for your SKU's product type, first check what the Amazon Product Type is for your SKU from StoreAutomator.


You can do this:

1.    By going “Channel>Mappings>Categories” tab.


2.    Finding the Local Category and its mapped Amazon remote category of your product that includes the Amazon product type. 


3.    Then, you can check what conditions are allowed by Amazon for that type. 

Depending what condition types are allowed by Amazon for the specific product type, you can try to change the product condition on StoreAutomator to make it compatible with the existing ASIN on Amazon. If you still suffer the same issue, please connect with Amazon Seller Support.

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