How to Create Alternate SKUs for Amazon Channel and Upload the ASINs Override File

You can create alternate SKUs on Amazon to add additional offers for the existing ASIN. An Alternate SKU creates a secondary SKU for an existing product by keeping the same product data. Alternate SKUs can be used as FBA offers for the same product you are selling that is attached to the same ASIN on Amazon. By doing that, you can sell two products as FBA and an existing offer and maximize your income on Amazon.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1- Find the product you want to create as an alternate SKU on your Inventory and click “Edit”.


2- Click the “Alias” tab and then click “Add Alias” from the opening page.


3- Select “Alternate Sku” from the “Alias Mode”, provide a SKU for the alternate SKU and click create.


After creation, you can see the alternate SKU on the “Alias” tab of the master SKU. As you can see, the alternate SKU is created as a single product using the same product data, quantity and price from the master SKU.


Then you can mark as “FBA” the newly created alternate SKU after being added to the Amazon channel.


If you have product id exemption, you need to enter ASIN overrides for the alternate SKUs because Amazon looks for title and description to create listings if you don’t provide product ids. By entering ASIN overrides, you can connect directly to ASINs on Amazon.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1- Select your Amazon channel, find the master SKU and go to “Export Overrides>Custom Overrides…”


2- Select the following field from the custom field selector: Product ID, Product ID Type and click export.


3- Copy the ASIN inside the “actual_asin” column to the “product_id” column and type “Asin” into the “product_id_type” column for the related product.


You can delete the columns “actual_asin”, “original_name”, “original_product_id” column before uploading the file.

4- Upload the file back into the StoreAutomator.


After you upload the file, the alternate SKU’s ASIN will be updated automatically from the master SKU’s override.


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