Purchase Order Details


1) Purchase order details page.

2) Purchase order id (This ID is the “Channel Order ID” in your dropshippers’ account. If they search by Channel order id in their sales order, they can find their order as well.)

3) These arrows help you to go to the next or previous purchase orders.

4) Reload data button

5) Close the page.

6) Trigger order forwarding or, if the order is not shipped you can cancel the order.


7) Shows the order status (shipped, unshipped or canceled)

8) Shows that from which channel the order has been replaced and its order id. By clicking on the order id, you will be directed to your own sales order.(This link can be added https://support.storeautomator.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406850821010-Manage-Your-Orders)

9) Reference order id is your sales order id for this order.

10) This icon is for dropship orders.

11) Your brand (dropship) name and its order id. Same with number 2. Also, you can see the order creation time stamp.

12)Shipping Address is the customer shipping address and details. Because these are personal identifiable information, they won’t be visible.

13) Billing Address information and payment method.


14) Edit icon, this will be available if you create a manual order. Otherwise, it won’t be visible.

15) Shipping preferences section. You are able to view the shipping carrier, ship method, service level, ship by and delivery by.

16) General Tab shows the purchase order details. See 17-24 below.

17) Image of the item.

18) Sku: Item sku which is your supplier sku and Asin is your sku. Your item sku might be created differently than your supplier’s sku automatically if you choose “don’t use supplier sku” within your supplier settings. If you select “use supplier sku”, then both skus will be the same. Also, you can see the order item id under Sku.

19) Name is the title of the item.

20) Status is the status of the order.

21) Quantity shows how many items have been ordered.

22) Unit price is item price.

23) Total price is calculated according to the ordered quantity and unit price.

24) Subtotal is the total price. Afterwards, if there is shipping cost, discount, tax, they will be calculated and will show the total.

25) Shipping tab


You can view the details, shipping date, carrier, shipping id and shipping cost (if applicable) under the shipping tab. If the order has been shipped, under details, you can click plus icon to see what item has been shipped.


If the order is not shipped yet, it will show as nothing found.

26) History is the shipping log but in purchase order is not applicable.


27) Notes: If there is a note, you can find it in here and write a reply if necessary.


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