Manage Your Orders

You can manage all your orders using StoreAutomator's order management system.


When an item was sold, the sales platform immediately sends all order details to StoreAutomator for processing. Given the information StoreAutomator provides you the following:

  • Billing Name of customer and address, and sold price,

  • Shipping address if different from billing address,

  • Shipping costs, taxes, fees, commission costs,

  • Status of the order; shipped, not shipped, back-ordered, canceled, refunded,

  • If the order was FBA or dropship order

  • All documents needed to send the package; packing slip, invoice,

  • Ability to create the shipping label and tracking number

This is all the information to prepare the package; include the item with packing slip and invoice, close and seal the box, stick the shipping label, and send out the package. When the shipping label is created, the system sends tracking number information to the sales channel to inform the customer their package is on its way. Automatic creation of tracking numbers is possible through only supported carriers; ShipStation, ShippingEasy, and UPS; you must obtain tracking numbers if you are using other carriers.


Sales Orders

Sales orders can be reached at Menu > Orders > Sales Orders.

This page has a list of all your orders for your current channel. Choose all channels, Menu > Channels > All Channels to view all orders from all of your channels. When viewing all channels, the channel name column is added to see which order came from which channel.

You can sort the table for all columns, ascending or descending, or print the whole list.

You can also filter to display unshipped orders only by clicking on the “Unshipped” Tab. Clicking on “Export Orders” prepares a CSV file and download it to your computer, and “Check Orders Now” check the latest orders that are not imported into StoreAutomator System yet and if any updates the sales order list.

Color coding for order status is green for shipped, blue for unshipped, red for canceled orders, and orange color for FBA – fulfillment by Amazon orders. Click on the square which contains the order ID towards the left-hand side of the screen to open the order details screen.


Orders Screen

Individual orders can be viewed, analyzed, followed up through the Individual Orders Screen. An example Order screen can be seen below:



The order screen consists of some tabs and fields. Below is a mapping of tabs and their functions:

  1. Displays general information about the order

  2. Shipping the package; entering a tracking number, and getting a shipping rate

  3. Creating and printing the packing slip

  4. Creating and printing the Invoice

  5. Shows order history

  6. Fulfilling the order

  7. Reserve the order and products

  8. Display Notes

  9. Displays product data, ASIN, quantity shipped, Order Item Id

  10. Link to the product information page

  11. Link to product listing in the Sales Channel

  12. Denotes if this order is a Dropship, and this is a link to the purchase orders page

  13. (If available), Cancels the order

  14. (If available), Starts refunding process

  15. Trigger Order Forwarding

Ship Order

StoreAutomator can obtain an Automatic Shipping rate and a Tracking Number for you, or you can choose to enter this information manually.


Manual Tracking Number Entry

Click on Shipping tab and click on the button "+Tracking" to enter a tracking number and a shipping rate manually that you obtain from a carrier. Once you copy + paste the tracking number & a shipment cost to this screen, StoreAutomator will Mark this Item as Shipped.



Automatic Shipping Rate and Tracking Number Entry

Use the button "+Ship" to automatically obtain a shipping rate and a Tracking Number.

Click on this button to open the shipping dialog box, click on the items you are able to send with this shipment or click on the “All” Checkbox, if you can send them all, choose a carrier and ship type.

Fill in the package information, select shipping method, and weight, which will be used while getting a shipping rate, and click on the “Get a Shipping Rate” button. This will get an automatic shipping rate, if you like the rate and would like to use it, click on “Create Label” doing so will obtain a tracking number for the package, print the shipping label, and let the carrier know you have a package waiting for a pickup. Peel the label and stick it to the package and you are ready for the pick-up.

If you don’t like the shipping rate, you can choose another carrier and get another rate. Please note StoreAutomator can obtain automatic rates from ShipStation, UPS, Shipping Easy, or EasyPost and allow you to print labels without leaving the StoreAutomator system. The integration with ShippingEasy will forward the orders to the ShippingEasy system for you to process.


Packing Slip

Click this tab and click on the button "+Packing Slip" to create and print a packing slip for the order. Click on this button and, in the next dialog box click on the items you are able to send or click on the “All” Checkbox, write a packing slip number or leave it blank and click on the Save button and click on "Print" to download or print the Packing Slip.



Click this tab and click on the button "+Invoice" to create and print an invoice for the order. Click on this button and in the next dialog box click on the items you are able to send or click on the “All” Checkbox, write an Invoice number and click on the Save button and click on "Print" to download or print the invoice.


Cancel Order(if available in the channel)

Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen and click on the button "Cancel Order" to cancel this order with the sales channel. To cancel a reason for cancellation is required by the system. Cancelling happens after receiving the order and before sending the product due to a couple of reasons such as no inventory, bad shipping address, or address not covered by carrier, customer exchange, customer cancellation, or returning back, etc… Please note depending on the channel the cancellation reasons may differ. Canceling an order does not initiate an automatic refund; the refund amount has to be manually issued.


Refund Order (if available in the channel)

Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen and click on the this button to issue a refund to the customer for the specified amount. Refunding an order solicits a reason for the refund and also seeks customer’s feedback for the refund.

An order needs to be canceled first, then a refund can be issued. Refund updates inventory, sales statistics, revenue, profit accordingly. Please note depending on the channel the refund order option may not be available.


Order History

This button shows the date and time of an order when it was received, packed, shipped, received.



Fulfill is shipping a product from a different warehouse or a store other than yours, which stores the actual product. This is called DropShipping. Manufacturers or storage facilities which are capable of Dropshipping, pick, pack and send products directly from their warehouse to the end-user, upon receiving an order from a seller. In that case, StoreAutomator automatically creates a “Purchase Order” to the dropshipper and directs them to respond to the order ASAP to ship it. To benefit from this feature both you and your dropshippers must have StoreAutomator Subscriptions.

Fulfill tab manages, if this product will be send to the customer through a dropshipper warehouse. If yes, you can choose a departure from and to destination. with help of FFQ (Fulfill quantity) you can send any quantity to your droshipper and add more dropshippers to the list for the fulfillment.

After fulfillment resources are allocated, in the main order screen it will display the wings icon and contains a link to the Purchase order page; click on it to view the purchase order details.

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