How to Solve Amazon Error Code 8105

Error Code 8105

Your catalog feed is failing because you are providing invalid values. 


  1. If creating an item to a size 1X, Amazon fails this value (and therefore your feed) because it is not a supported size. Amazon requires the value 1X Plus.
  2. For Size instead of S, if you type Small, this will cause Error Code 8105. 


  • Go to Amazon Seller Central and your item’s SKU. 
  • Click to edit and go to Vital Info. 
  • Check every tab to find what causes the problem. 

Pro-Tip: The faint text is Amazon’s valid values, the values in tabs are what you input 

After you identify what caused the problem, go to “Setting>Templates'' and find your item’s template. Then, map your incorrect value to a valid Amazon value and save it. All data must be as Amazon requires. After the changes, send Delete&Recreate to the item and sync the channel from the top right.



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