How to Solve Amazon Error Code 20005

Error Code 20005

Amazon cannot associate an image with this SKU because it was not created due to another error code. There are 3 possible reasons for this.

  1. You have not submitted a product data feed for this SKU
  2. Previous errors in your product data feeds prevented the addition of this SKU to the catalogue or;
  3. The SKU in your product image data feed is wrong. Images cannot be associated with the SKU due to other errors. In this instance there is nothing we can do - no further action can be taken


If you receive this error for updating or creating a product, then correct the errors associated with this SKU in your most recent Processing Report and resubmit your product data. This error appears if the original product data has an error that prevented the creation of the SKU. This error will be resolved after you correct the SKU or have successfully added the SKU to the Amazon catalogue using a product data feed. This product data errors may be caused from missing fields like color name or size name that specify the variation of listing. Once you ensure that your data is correct, you can send product data updates and sync the channel.


After that, you can try to send Image Update to the related products. You need to click “Force Update>Refresh Images” and sync the channel.



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