Content Requirements for Amazon

Product Title Guidelines

1- Maximum of 200 characters, including spaces, though some categories may have a lower maximum count (Recommended character count: 80-120)

2- Note that mobile devices will only show about 45-90 characters so put the most important details, like “Brand” and “Keyword”, “Up Front”

3- Amazon has recommended title formulas for certain categories (for example, titles for small appliances should include “brand name and model name and/or number first”)

4- Use numerals ("3" instead of "three")

5- Use “Capital Letters” for the first letter of each word, except for “Conjunctions”, “Articles” and “Certain Prepositions”

6- Include “Size and Color” for child ASINs, not the main title

7- Titles can abbreviate measurements like "cm" or "oz"

8- Do not use JavaScript, HTML, and any other form of coding

9- Do not use symbols for decorations

10- Do not sure promotional phrases like “Free Shipping”

11- Do not include reviews, quotes or testimonials

12- Do not use subjective statements like "Best Seller"

13- Never give details on the “availability”, “condition” and “price” of product


Product Description Guidelines

1- Recommended word count: 250 or more

2- Note that Amazon will shorten your product descriptions after 150 characters on both desktop and mobile

3- Information must be in paragraph form (typically a few paragraphs long)

4- Do not use JavaScript, HTML, and any other form of coding, though for special cases, line breaks </br> can be used in the description

5- Do not mention competitors

6- Include key benefits that matter to your target customer

7- Include ”Keywords”

8- Highly recommended to use “Enhanced Brand Content” if you're eligible from Seller Central

9- Same exclusions as Product Title Guidelines


Bullet Points Guidelines

1- Maximum 256 characters per bullet point, though this can be change depends on category

2- Start every bullet point with a capital letter

3- Use at least “five” bullet points

4- Recommended to keep bullet points under 1,000 characters for ALL five bullet points (not per bullet)

5- Recommended to include warranty information or included accessories as the last bullet point

6- Write as sentence fragments and do not include ending punctuation

7- Use numerals ("3" instead of "three")

8- Use semi-colons to separate phrases within a bullet

9- If item is a bundle or multipack, list what's included and the size (if appropriate) of each item

10- Highlight top five benefits (not simply features) here and be as specific as possible

11- Naturally include your keyword

12- Speak to your product, not your company as a whole

13- Do not include alternative shipping offers or links to other websites, including your branded website

14- Do not include quotes, reviews or testimonials

15- Same exclusions as Product Description Guidelines

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