ASIN Override on Amazon

The ASIN Override feature helps to connect your listings to already existing ASINs in the Amazon catalog. 

After you’ve created a product on Amazon, it gets allocated an ASIN, which is like a product ID but is allocated by Amazon to your product. After Amazon has allocated an ASIN you can override this in StoreAutomator.

There are two ways of overriding an ASIN - either by using the “Editing Product” or “Bulk Import”.

Via Editing Product 

1- Select a product you want and click the “Edit”.


2- Find the “Product ID Override” under the “General>Identity” tab and copy your ASIN into the empty override box (Not the ASIN Override box). Then select the “Product ID Type Override” as “ASIN”.


3- Click the “Save & Close”.


Via Bulk Import

1- Select your product and go to “Export>Channel Overrides>Custom Overrides”.


2- Select “Asin Override”, “Product ID”, and “Product ID Type” from the custom export field selector and click “Export”.


3- Download the file from “Notifications”.


4- After you open the file, delete all columns except “SKU, actual_asin, product_id, product_id_type”. After that, copy the ASINs from “actual_asins” column to the “product_id” column and write “Asin” for “product_id_type” column for all products you want to override.


5- Upload the file into the StoreAutomator.



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