Set Up Amazon Templates

Create your own Amazon product data templates.

Templates enhance and customize the information being sent to the channel; the system has a default template for general usage purposes. Users can create their own templates with additional fields and send data to Amazon following their guidelines.

  1. Go to: Menu > Settings > Templates,

  2. Click on the “Add Template” button,

  3. Click to choose the “Amazon” Template type,

  4. From the upcoming drop-down menu, choose the Template Category,

  5. Give a name to this template, and click on “Save” and “Edit” immediately,

  6. In the upcoming screen, click on “Add Field,”

  7. Search the applicable target field and click,

  8. This brings the “Field Properties” dialog box, where the target field can be assigned to the source field,

  9. Click on the “Source Field” text box, click on Product, and scroll the list to find the applicable Dynamic field to be inserted,

  10. Find your source field, attach and click OK to assign a Local field to the Amazon template.

  11. Add all necessary fields following steps 7~11 above and click on “Save,”

  12. For more advanced usage, refer to “Edit Templates,”

  13. You can combine multiple Local fields and assign them to a Target field with the “Format” Textbox on this screen. Some numerous options and functions can be used in this area. Please refer to the “Template Functions and Syntax” document to read more about these functions.

Once a template is added to templates, it can be activated as follows:

  1. Choose Amazon as your active channel,

  2. Go to Menu > Amazon USA > Channel Settings > Template: Choose the template you just prepared for your channel; this action will assign the template to the whole channel as default,

  3. (Optional) To assign different templates to different categories or override a certain field for a certain category;

1. Go to Menu > Amazon USA > Mappings,

2. Click on the “templates tab” to perform template mapping,

3. Click the “Expand All” button,

4. Click on a category, drag the category from the left to right-hand side template to do your mapping.

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