Auto Fast Listing on Amazon and NewEgg

Auto Fast Listing with Amazon and Newegg enables users to connect to existing listings automatically or quickly create products from scratch.

StoreAutomator’s improved fast listing feature now automates the process of connecting up with existing listings. Once you create your inventory in StoreAutomator system, auto fast listing starts working immediately and searches for existing listings with the same Product ID, ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), or NewEgg Item Number and then connects them to the existing listings.

With the Fast Listing feature of StoreAutomator, you can connect to existing listings on Amazon and NewEgg catalog without providing them with every field.. After you choose to Fast List products, SA will just send the basic fields such as SKU, product ID and Type, quantity, price and item condition. This is useful when you want to just simply connect to existing listings and create an offer and don’t want to or are unable to provide the additional data fields.

There are three different fast listing modes to choose from: Auto, Soft or Hard. You can also set “auto fast listing mode” for the whole channel - navigate to Channel>Channel Settings>Common>Sync tab. This way, products on the related Amazon and NewEgg channel will automatically connect to existing listings if they are available.

Default Fast Listing Mode Settings

With the fast listing soft mode and hard mode, you can connect to existing listings on product level and connect to existing listings without providing any product data.

Fastlist hard, tries to fastlist the product no matter what, and does not send product data.

Fastlist Soft: After the fastlist Auto function tries once and succeeds, this is the end Status.

Also you can use this mode to solve 8541 Amazon errors if you receive any.

How to Solve Amazon Error Code 8541-8542

You can also set or disable fast listing features with bulk action for multiple products. 

How to Enable or Disable Fast Listing with Bulk File

You can check the article below to get detailed information about fast listing feature.

Fast Listing on Amazon

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