Listing on Amazon

Connect and start listing on Amazon by using StoreAutomator's advanded listing solutions.

First, create your inventory in the system and when you are ready for listing your product catalog on Amazon:

  1. First create your Amazon channel, if you have not yet; from Menu > Settings > Channels, Add Channel,

  2. Then go to Menu > Amazon channel >Channel products, the first tab shows all the products in this channel, the last tab shows all products that are not on this channel,

  3. So click on “Not in Channel” to view your inventory,

  4. Click on checkboxes for all the products that you want to send to your channel,

  5. On top of the list click on the button “Bulk Actions” and choose “Add to this channel”,

  6. Click on the “Update Content” button towards the top right of your screen,

  7. Once you receive a content update notification, you can click on the “Sync” button next to the channel name, to send the product information to Amazon

  8. It is a good idea to check updates and upload errors from Amazon by clicking on the “Sync” button in the next half an hour or so if there are any. Faulty listings won’t be showing on Amazon unless the errors are resolved and resent to the channel.


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