How to provide Access for your Amazon Seller Account

You can provide access for your Amazon Seller Central account by creating new users and managing their permissions within your Seller Account.

  1. Once inside your Amazon Seller Central account, hover on the word ‘Settings’ in the upper right corner of the screen, to display all settings and click on 'User Permissions':


Amazon Seller ID


2. In this menu you can provide access to your Amazon Seller Central Account. Under 'Add a New User' section simply write StoreAutomator into the textbox for 'Name' and '' to the email address text box. when finished click on 'Send Invitation'.



3. After invitation is sent one of StoreAutomator support agents must accept the invitation. Please let us know for prompt action from our end.

4. when the invitation is accepted from our end, StoreAutomator can be seen in 'Current users" section.



5- Click on 'Manage Permissions' and provide use with 'Inventory' Level permissions.



6- You have successfully given permissions to StoreAutomator.

To remove StoreAutomator from your users, simply click on the 'Delete' button next to the user name, and our access will be terminated.

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