Etsy Channel Level and Item Level Variation Theme Override

You can use variation theme overrides both at the channel level and item level on Etsy. This way, you can send different variation themes for the products on Etsy by using different custom fields and without changing your inventory level variation setup.

How to Setup Variation Theme Overrides at the Item Level

You can only assign variation themes through parents.

1- Click to edit parent SKU.

2- Assign custom fields to override variation themes under the “General” tab.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you set an item level variation theme this will override the channel level variation theme settings.

How to Setup Variation Theme Overrides at the Channel Level?

·         Go to “Channel>Channel Settings>Etsy Settings”.

·         Assign custom fields as variation themes.

·         Save the settings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This settings will apply to all products on Etsy channel.

See here for further information: Variation Theme Override

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