Limitations to Consider When Creating Listings on Etsy

Here are some of the limitations on Etsy that may occur on creating new listings. Please, work within limitations when creating listings on Etsy otherwise your listing will fail with error messages and also create additional work.

  • You need to provide item dimensions to Etsy. Etsy will ask for your:

item_weight (how much the item weighs)
item_weight_of_measures (oz, lb, g, kg)
item_length (how long the item is)

item_width (how wide the item is)
item_height (how tall the item is)
item_dimensions_unit of measures (in, ft, mm, cm, m) to create the listings. Therefore, kindly ensure that you are filling the data to the related products.


  • Etsy does not allow HTML Tags in Product Descriptions. Therefore, kindly edit the descriptions or override through StoreAutomator to ensure you are sending without tags.

  • Etsy only allows up to 20 characters in the variation options.

  • The maximum quantity per product needs to be 999 on Etsy at most. If you provide more than 1000 quantities for a product, Etsy will not publish the product.

  • Etsy doesn’t allow to list a product with product IDs/SKUs that longer than 32 characters.

  • You can create a parent-child variation relationship on Etsy up to 70 variations. If you have more than 70 child products under the related parent, Etsy will not publish the products.

  • Your images should be at least 1000 pixels at the longest edge, the height can vary. JPEG is the image format that Etsy uses.

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