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The details section is a collection of attributes that enables you to explain your products in detail so that customers can clearly understand what you're selling. Basically, it shows descriptive keywords about your items. Adding details to your listing will help your buyers to find your item in search. You can also map other attributes for Etsy by following the same method outlined below. 

How to send attributes and map them to Details section:

You can send specific attributes to the Details section in Etsy. However, Etsy has codes for each attribute, and they differ for each category. Even if the attributes are the same, the codes may differ for each category. That is why it needs to be checked out before mapping the custom fields and we are not able to do generic channel level mapping directly from channel item level, because the codes need to be put to the custom fields as is stated in the third step.

  1. Check the code for each value of the attribute.

 Do this by:

  • Clicking “edit item” in channel level and “custom field mapping” tab. 
  • Find the custom field that you would like to map.
  • Click “add this product category” and StoreAutomator automatically will bring the Etsy fields for this category.


For example:

After clicking the “add this product’s category” button, you can see the Etsy fields by clicking the dropdown menu that starts with “none”, as shown in the image below.. 


  • Choose one of the fields that you want to map. And see the possible option values with codes for the chosen field. E.g. Shape. The code will be used as value so, this is very important, Etsy will look at code and check that it is valid. If not, you will get an error message.



  • After following the process for this specific example, this will mean that for this item and this specific category, Shape values/codes will be sent using the Chain Style custom field for the Etsy channel.
  • For now, we did this step to learn the codes for the values which will be used in the next step. Such as for value Animal, code is 670 etc.
  1. You need to create a new custom field specific to Etsy channel attributes. This needs to be done for each category because each type may have a different code, even though the attribute field name is the same. For example, for Shape, one of the valid values is Animal and the code is 670, but in different categories, there can be a Shape attribute but this time, Animal might have a different code. So, custom fields for this purpose must be created for each category and named accordingly so as not to get confused.

According to the example, you need to create “etsy-shape” (using the same name and channel name along with it will be easy to use.) When you create a custom field, you should select Drop down list. And click the “Create” button.


Note: If it is only used for one category then a field name like “etsy-shape” is acceptable but if shape will be used for any other category, then, it will be better to name it with its category name. E.g. etsy-shape-necklace, etsy-shape-ring etc.

  1. After creating a new custom field, edit Option Names and Option Values in this custom field. When you click the edit icon, you will see the Options Name /Options value field and you will hit the Add New button. Option Name will be the displayed value and the Option Value will be the value that will be sent to Etsy.


  1. Next and final step is to map this custom field within the channel item.
  • Go to your Etsy channel
  • Click edit your item
  • Hit the custom field mapping
  • Find the new custom field that has been created.

Click “Add this product’s category”


Select the field you want to map. 


Click “Save and Close”

Upon completion for this example, we will send the Shape field under the Details section.

Kindly contact the SA support team if you have difficulty with these settings.

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